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Founding Mothers are of every generation...

         Those who value relationships that cause Good for all life....

Terry Burke
Cinda Stevens Lonsway
Evie Boykan
Carol Hiltner
India Holden
Wren Breedlove
Shirley Wolf
Daisy Zachariah
Marcia Christian
Terry Burke
Lynn A. DeBeal
Kahley Blakenship
Teresa Bain
Kim Hayes
Krista Tenney


What does it mean to be a "Founding Mother"?


     Initially, it identified those women who gathered in March 2012 to consider, discuss, contemplate from a heart and belly wisdom connection what agenda would cause Good for all in the web of life. Their names are below.

     The action of Declaring the Values Basic to Life is what set them apart as Mothers Founding/Declaring a new blueprint to birth a new culture for a World that emerges as a reflection of the Good that humanity is.

     Those who are in alignment to this blueprint and Value Agenda are also Founding Mothers, Founding Fathers, Founding Citizens, Founding Youth, Founding Children.

What does our World look like with this agenda of Values as the Base?

     An agenda is made visible by the outcomes it produces. What we see in our country today is the result of an agenda that has been the basis for descions and policy for generations. The result is a devaluing of human life, control by a few, profit at the expense of the masses, force to solve problems, etc. Under this agenda, loss, death, anger, harm, separation, isolation, mistrust, contriction of all kinds is the spiral we are in.

     When values that cause Good for all in the web of life, policy and actions change the direction of the spiral. What is good for the children removes toxins from all food and makes nutrient rich food available. What is good for the environment stops coal emissions and works with the natural world to sustain all life. What is good for economic stability puts the emphasis on equal pay and valuing of workers. What is good for sustainable contribution identifies natural, innate skills as value to be compensated.

     Use your imagination and add a value:  What if..... were used as the motivation for actions within ....... problem?


Founding Mothers from March 2012

How Do We Cause the World of Values?

     "Causing" has already begun! The moment that the original Founding Mothers declared this agenda, the energy within all life shifted.

     When those of Occupy called for a new way, the energy within the web of life shifted.

     Because the innate nature of Good resides within all in the family of Humanity, that Good cannot be snuffed out, has not been snuffed out. It has been devalued, ignored, tortured, constricted, made fun of, condensed, and hidden. Nothing can possibly end that innate Good. It shines during turmoil, during sorrows, and during natural explosions. Its constriction has become so intense that it may have appeared eliminated.

     However, what happens in the stream of evolution is that what has been targeted and smashed is in truth being refined. So it is with the innate human nature. Good within each person is being refined and strengthened. The next great adventure is the explosion into each life, family, community, county and world

     There are an increasing number of "plants" bursting forth from the seeds of Good. Keep your eyes open, your mind alert and witness. When you see actions, events, projects, organizations, that have commitment to the Good of all in the web of life as their base, you are in the company of the New Culture.

     When you witness words of Good being associated with the fear, lack, deficiences, designations, of the current system, you are being coached into further entrappment.

When the commitment is to do the old things for the old reasons, you are a conservative.

When the commitment is to build a new project and the foundation has not been re-written, you are a liberal/progressive.

When the commiment is to build a new foundation first and then steward the new projects that emerge, you are a tranformer.

Our world needs Transformers.... and they come from the innate nature of Good and act from an agenda that causes Good for all in the web of life.

Here is a list of a few....

Janice Eng
Tara Basile
Chris Poole
Marny Kittridge
Chris Kendra
Sarah Hansen
Mari Selby
Sophia Elizabeth Maynard
Mavis Nickels
Jacqueline Mason
Alex Bain
Alyssa Bain
Kim Kerrigan
Lin Cashman
Linda McCammon
Laura Westbrook
Jan Quiett
Jeanie De Rousseau
Jacqueline Haessly
Lin Cashman


Founding Mothers Partner Organizations from March 2012

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