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Welcoming Speech for the Congress

 by: Sharon Riegie Maynard

Women's Grassroots Congress Welcome - Sharon Riegie Maynard
In April, 2012, an invitation was send to the Founding Mothers to be in an ongoing group to anchor and take action to build the energy field of the Declaration, Vision and Values of the Women's Grassroots Congress.
Some have been meeting weekly since 2012 in support of this valuable work.

On March 24-25, 2012, thirty women gathered in Seattle, Washington, via Facebook, and via a LiveStream to discuss the values upon which policy and decisions for our lives, families, countries, and world must be made.

That may seem like a Major Undertaking and yet, Mystic Shawwoman, Sharon Riegie Maynard knew that this is the core of Female Purpose. She also knew that no political candidate was going to ask. And so, she did.


They recognized that there are many amazing individuals, projects, organizations focusing on various aspects of life. With all that we have been doing, we were still working within a social environment created by

 Patriarichial agendas which are Domination, Contol, and Usury. Parasitic.


Now known as The Founding Mothers, these women made a solid Declaration of Values to underpin and foundation the Shift so many are working for and creating.

Another groundbreaking event happened in September 2012,


The Women's Congress for Future Generations. . .

This Congress was for those called to stand for Future Generations. We seek solidarity with those working for environmental justice, for Climate Justice, for indigenous sovereignty, for the health of women and children, and with those living on the frontlines of the struggle against industrial pollution and climate change.

Francis David, Unitarian forebear, preacher and theologian, wrote well over 400 years ago,
“We will not cry over the century’s misery…  So great is the power of the soul that it will triumph, even if the whole world is in rage or opposed to it.”

The "EGG"

created to hold the Values of the Grassroot's Founding Mothers

And now in 2017, 

Women are continuing to rise up, stand, declare and Lead!

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